New Day delivers the best choice in shopfronts. We offer popular and hardwearing materials to suit all types of situations. We can also advise on signs and branding.

Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium shopfronts are the most common type of shopfront. They’re used in retail stores, offices, clinics and other ground floor properties.

All our shop fronts are built according to your specification. As well as colour choices, choose the type of glass and thickness. We offer: tinted glass, pyro glass and 12 mm toughened glass to name a few. Laminated glass ranges from 6.4 mm to 10.8 mm.

Steel and Stainless Steel Shopfronts

Steel and Stainless Steel shopfronts bring inspirational designs to properties without compromising on security or protection.

Our stainless steel shopfront designs are manufactured from toughened materials that almost completely resist damage. They are mixed with other metals to increase their toughness and reduce any inbuilt weakness. As a result, they offer protection from high temperatures and chemicals. Additionally, they display a beautiful shine.

Frameless Glass Shopfronts

Frameless Glass shopfronts offer contemporary style and a touch of glamour. They allow for excellent illumination and showcase your products or services at their very best.

Frameless glass shopfronts are designed and installed to give excellent thermal resistance in order to conserve energy. High grade frameless glass offers scratch resistance, durability and maximum protection. They are visually appealing and are economical to maintain.

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