New Day are specialist providers of glazing products. We cover everything from windows and doors to porches, built and installed to the highest standards.

Double, Triple, Secondary Glazing

New Day offers Double, Triple and Secondary glazing. Notoriously poor at insulation, single glass panels transfer cold air easily reducing the temperature inside, thus requiring greater energy costs to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Double Glazing
Two sheets of glass separated by a layer of air or a heavy inert gas that creates an insulating barrier reducing heat loss and outside noise. Keeping warm air in means your property is better insulated resulting in fewer draughts and lower energy bills. They also reduce damp and are tougher to break.

Triple Glazing
Adding a third pane of glass to double glazing creates triple glazing. Between the three panes are two pockets of gas, which may be argon, xenon or krypton.

Ways to benefit from triple glazing:

  • Decreased heat loss and and lower energy bills
  • Increased noise reduction
  • Helps to reduce condensation
  • Increased security –harder to break
  • Potential to add value to your property

Secondary Glazing
The installation of new, fully independent secondary window frames on the room side of an existing window. Retains the exterior look of properties.

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